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Connect with BSA on Facebook and Twitter. We also have a closed Facebook group.


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We post links and news on Twitter - follow us there. Our account is '@stammer', and you are very welcome to tweet us.

If you are interested in employment and employability our Employers Stammering Network Twitter account is @stammering4work


Facebook page:
Closed Facebook group:

If you have a Facebook account, 'like' our BSA Facebook page and keep up-to-date with BSA through your news feed, and take part in the discussions.

Also join our closed BSA Facebook group where people can talk openly about stammering, and start their own discussions.

We began the 'closed' group in late 2013, in response to requests from BSA members for a place to talk about stammering in a safe environment (and as a result of our existing Facebook page not being great at facilitating interaction between members). Since it is a 'closed' group, your posts there aren't seen by your Facebook friends. 

It took off straight away, with many posting to introduce themselves, tell other members what helps them the most with their stammers, and starting their own discussions. One member commented, "It's so nice to finally speak, as I wouldn't do so in the open page," and another wrote, "I've finally found a private group where I can talk about my stammer."

You can find the rules of the closed group here.

You can find more Facebook groups and other online groups, for example for young adults and for women who stammer at Online groups.

We put together this video on our social media impact, for our National Conference 2014: