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For information, support and a listening ear.

Telephone boxOur helpline is a confidential service where you can ask, talk about and explore any issues of concern about stammering. We also have a specialist Education helpline.

How to contact the helpline

Phone us on 0845 603 2001, or if you prefer a geographic number 020 8880 6590. Or email us on info@stammering.org

The helpline is open on weekdays 10am to 1pm, and 2pm to 5pm.

The helpline is run by people who stammer and who understand stammering. Please call us!

Information packs

If you are a UK resident we can also:

  • send you a free information pack, and
  • provide contact details for your local NHS Speech and Language Therapy Service.

To receive an information pack, you can order it online, or ring the Helpline or email vol@stammering.org. You will need to let us know what sort of pack you want: pre-school child, school child (5 and over), teenager age 13-16, teenager age 17+, adult, teacher (primary), teacher (secondary), employer, or speech and language therapist (professionals pack).

You can also ask about your local therapy service in the UK - tell us where you live.

If you can't get through on the phone...

If you can't get through at first, please be patient and try later. There is only one person on duty at a time.

What people say

"I was most surprised to be greeted by your call operator who stammered. Her stammer was worse than mine but she provided all the information that I required. This shows the positive attitude of your organisation."

"Thank you for being so kind and understanding - your information gave me clear understanding and some hope"

"Thank you for the information pack which was sent to me following a particularly helpful and supportive conversation on your helpline."

Outside the UK?

If you live outside the UK our information is more limited (other than what is on this website already). However, we are happy to help in whatever way we can and, where possible, put you in touch with more local organisations.

Information and Support Services Team