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Meet some of the people behind BSA, including our trustees who plan the overall strategy and direction of our work.
Meet the team
BSA staff: Jane Powell, Chief Executive Jane has worked in the voluntary sector...
Naheem Bashir
Naheem Bashir, BSA Trustee
I am an Experimental Psychologist at University College London. At the age of...
Christine Simpson, BSA Trustee
Christine Simpson, BSA Trustee
I am delighted to be appointed as a Trustee. I recently retired from a working...
Betony Kelly, BSA Trustee
Betony Kelly, BSA Trustee
I’m a senior engagement and behaviour change professional, specialising in...
Abed Ahmed
Abed Ahmed, BSA Trustee
I am a maths teacher in charge of teaching and learning at a secondary school...
James Smith, BSA Treasurer
James Smith, Treasurer (BSA Trustee)
I hail from the North West, now living in London having moved here after two...