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BSA people

Meet some of the people behind BSA, including our trustees who plan the overall strategy and direction of our work.
BSA staff and volunteers at National conference in Lincoln, 2012
Julia Ammon
Julia Ammon, BSA trustee
Hi everyone, I'm Julia Ammon. In July 2016 I was delighted to be appointed as...
Helen Carpenter, ESN Membership Manager
I joined BSA as Membership Manager for the Employers Stammering Network at the...
Rob Pinn
Rob Pinn, BSA Trustee
I am thrilled to have been elected as a Trustee for the BSA last year. I managed...
Patrick Campbell, BSA trustee
I am a 22 year old person who stammers studying medicine at the Hull York Medical...
Allan Tyrer
Allan Tyrer, BSA webmaster
I have a stammer myself, and have been involved in the BSA since the mid-90s,...
Tim Fell
Tim Fell, Chair of Trustees
One of the aims of the BSA is to help people who stammer reach their full potential....