Helen Carpenter, ESN Membership Manager

I joined BSA as Membership Manager for the Employers Stammering Network at the end of August 2015.

Though I only found out about the role by chance (via Jan Logan a Speech and Language Therapist who goes to a Tai Chi class with me) I am so glad that I applied!

Helen CarpenterI do not have personal experience of stammering, but as a linguist by background, I am very sensitive to issues surrounding language and how it can affect relationships. I'm also very committed to social justice and overcoming the barriers that can prevent people from achieving their full potential.

Before working at BSA, I've had lots of project management and other relevant experience, leading or working in organisations primarily in the not-for-profit sector, including other membership organisations, but working closely also with local and central government and large corporates. I've also been a trustee and chair of an arts charity. I was brought up in north London, have lived in the Holloway area for 30 years and am happy to call myself a real London fan. I especially enjoy exploring unlikely places on foot.

February 2016