Naheem Bashir, BSA Trustee

I am an Experimental Psychologist at University College London. At the age of 18 I almost took my own life because of my stammer. I felt living with a stammer meant living a limited, isolated and meaningless existence, absent of all the experiences that constitute a well-lived life; a life of limitation, restriction, repression, isolation, embarrassment, hopelessness and shame. I saw stammering as a life impediment rather than a speech impediment. 
However, through therapy and support I learned to see my stammer as a slingshot. It held me back, but now it is propelling me forward. I recently completed a PhD exploring the brains of people who stammer and using this information to develop more effective therapies. I also co-founded and co-led the London support group for people who stammer.
I am very proud and honoured to have been elected as a Trustee and I will give my all to help the charity grow and support people who stammer.
November 2018
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