Norbert Lieckfeldt, BSA Chief Executive

Norbert has been chief executive of the BSA since 2001. He started as a volunteer on the BSA helpdesk in 1993 as part of his own programme of speech therapy.

Norbert was a member of the advisory panel of the Bercow Review into speech and language therapy services for children, served as Board Member of The Communication Trust from 2011 - 2014, is currently a Governor of the East London NHS Foundation Trust and co-chairman (with Iain Wilkie) of the Employers Stammering Network.

Norbert says "It feels like I've been with BSA for a long time, but the organisation of 2014 would be unrecognisable to those involved in 1994 or 2004. Change is good. My view of BSA is of an organisation where people who stammer (who are just as clever and capable as everyone else), and those interested in stammering, are coming and working together to make this country a better place for children and adults who stammer."