BSA Annual Appeal 2017

Volunteers collecting for BSADear Supporter and Friend,

The British Stammering Association is your charity. It is here to support all whose lives are affected by stammering. Our Information and Support Service provides a helpline and email answering service, information on support groups, online support and advice as well as an education helpline.

During the last 12 months these are some of the people who have reached out to the British Stammering Association for help:

“I have stammered for as long as I can remember. I tend to overthink a lot of things and panic; at the moment I am panicking over the first impressions I will make at interviews and then what will happen after, such as getting a job or whether I will be good enough to be a secondary school teacher – I worry that my stammer will stop me following my dream.”

We know about the burden of trying to secure employment and the barriers that having a stammer can throw up - but we can also share success stories and helpful strategies and are working through our Employers Stammering Network to make it OK to stammer at work.

“Do you often ask for something you do not want because it is easier to say? I do. I stopped drinking bitter in favour of lager. If I am in a coffee shop then I will have a Cappuccino but what I really want is a Mocha. I would like more speech therapy but there is nothing in my area says my GP.”

We know that many of those seeking help from their GP or Speech Language Therapy Service are likely to be disappointed because for many the NHS does not provide help. For example, for most adults in Hampshire and Surrey, or all of North Yorkshire and large parts of Essex and London there is no NHS speech and language therapy. We can point callers to alternative options – such as the wonderful telehealth pilot project.

I ask would you kindly donate to help us help those who struggle because of stammering. You can

  • make a secure on-line donation using the box below. This can be a one-off donation, or you might consider a regular donation. At the moment, BSA receives more than £10,000 each year through small, monthly donations paid through direct debits;
  • make a donation via text: STMR17 £10 to 70070 to donate £10 to BSA (£10 max per donation, lower amounts possible);
  • send a cheque to this address. If you make a gift aid declaration as well, we will be able to reclaim tax on your gift.

A donation would mean those who contact the British Stammering Association will have a greater chance of finding their voice. They will

  • feel less isolated with their stammer and experience greater confidence
  • feel they have a place to work on social skills which can help with all relationships by using speech and language therapy tools and techniques learnt during therapy sessions
  • feel better able to accept stammering, or feel less concerned about it
  • feel comfortable and able to do the things that fluent people take for granted such as going into a coffee shop and ordering the drink they like
  • feel less isolated trying to support their child who stammers
  • be able to cope with employment, discrimination issues and personal life crises.

From everyone here at the British Stammering Association and those who rely on our services, thank you so much for your continuing support.

With many thanks and best wishes.Yours, Norbert

Norbert Lieckfeldt, Chief Executive
November 2017

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