BSA Supporters Club - 'Small change for big changes'

Can you help with a small amount paid each month by direct debit? Would you know anyone in your family or amongst your friends who would be interested in supporting our cause?

Like all charities, the British Stammering Association is dependent on financial support to enable us to carry out our work. Our Information and Support Service changes lives by showing options and a future where before there might have been none. A small amount, given regularly, will make a real difference to those people who contact us for help. Please consider whether you can support us.

If you pay income or capital gains tax, we can reclaim Gift Aid on your behalf. That way a monthly gift of £4 would be worth £5 to BSA, at no extra cost to yourself. Equally a monthly donation of £8 would be worth £10, enough to pay for three detailed information packs sent to people who are calling our helpline.

To set up your direct debit, please fill out the form below.

It should show in your bank statement as 'CAF Ltd', 'Charities Aid Foundation', or' Charity Donation'.