Acceptance and commitment therapy, City Lit London

Three-session daytime course using this powerful approach to therapy.

Thurs & Fri 22-23 February, Fri 16 March (total 3 sessions) 10am - 5pm. City Lit write:

City LitWould you like to…

- Learn a range of skills to help you deal with difficult thoughts and feelings?

- Explore what’s really important to you in your life and set goals to help you start to move in those directions?

Acceptance and commitment therapy is a powerful evidenced-based approach which is highly relevant to people who stammer.

We've run this course as an evening programme a number of times with highly positive feedback and now are running it as a short day-time workshop, so whether you live in or outside of London it’s possible for you to attend.

On the course you will learn new practical strategies to help you:

  • Reduce avoidance
  • Be more accepting of yourself and your stammering
  • Manage difficult thoughts and feelings through mindfulness skills
  • Identify the directions you’d like your life to go in
  • Set short, medium and long term goals to start moving towards these valued directions.

ACT encourages action and you will come away from this course with powerful skills for moving forward in your life.

'Since attending the course, I am no longer so frustrated or self-critical and am learning to be kinder to myself.  The resulting increase in self-confidence has in turn encouraged me to take on new responsibilities and challenges’ Amanda

‘The ACT course has helped me maintain a good level of fluency and also feel better about things generally’ Mercedes

‘I’ve learned from the course that being willing to face discomfort when bringing my work to a wider more varied audience will be worth it as I’ll be moving towards what’s really important to me.’ John

The course will run on Thursday and Friday 22 and 23 February, with a third day on Friday 16 March. We’ve structured it this way because at the end of the second day you’ll leave with goals and practical strategies to work on over the next few weeks before returning on 16 March to review how the work has gone and to learn some more skills.

For further details about the course, please follow this link: www.citylit.ac.uk/courses/acceptance-and-commitment-therapy-for-people-w...

If you would like to join the course and/or have any questions, please contact City Lit at speechtherapy@citylit.ac.uk or give them a ring on 020 7492 2578.