Other Events

Family craft workshop for International Stammering Awareness Day
The ISAD Family Craft Workshop
13 October 2018
An event for the whole family marking International Stammering Awareness Day...
Conference in Dublin: 'Metaphoric Stammers and Embodied Speakers'
12 October 2018
Call for Papers: 'Metaphoric Stammers and Embodied Speakers: Expanding the Borders...
Silence on Campus: Making a noise about stammering
The Stammerers Through University Consultancy logo
19 January 2019
For students, staff and personnel in higher education, a conference in London...
International Stammering Awareness Day event, Birmingham
ISAD event flyer
22 October 2018
A free event in Birmingham open to all, to celebrate International Stammering...
'When I stutter' film premiere, City Lit, London
20 October 2018
To celebrate International Stammering Awareness Day, City Lit speech therapy...