Fluency Trust courses for young people 2018

In summer 2018 the Fluency Trust is running its annual course for children and teenagers who stammer, age 10-17. The course combines intensive therapy with outdoor pursuits.

Participants at Fluency Trust courseThe Blockbuster and Teen’s Challenge Courses run alongside each other. Both courses include:

- Assessment day
- Five day residential course
- Follow-up day
- Report, liaison with professionals

Please send in referrals as soon as possible. Referral forms and further information are on the Fluency Trust website.

The course is available to children outside of Swindon.

Dates for 2018

  • Assessment days (held in Swindon): Saturday 7th or Sunday 8th July
  • Residential course - The Blockbuster and the Teens Challenge courses (held at Skern Lodge Activity Centre, Devon): 30th July to 3rd August
  • Follow Up day (held in Swindon): Saturday 6th October

Cost: £350

For more information please contact cmcneil@swindon.gov.uk 

Some comments from previous participants:

'Thank you for everything! It was an awesome experience for me'

‘Many thanks, as parents we now have the tools to move forward and help him. He also has the confidence to move on’

‘I am more fluent, I am confident, happier and it is easier to talk’

Fluency Trust website: www.thefluencytrust.org.uk