ISAD Online Conference 2017

International Stammering Awareness Day Online Conference now live and freely available until 22nd October.

ISAD logoThe papers (some with videos) are contributed from around the world. They include stories and experiences with stammering by people who stammer; research, therapy and support; and creative expression such as drawings, cartoons and a poem.

Up to 22nd October you can comment and ask questions about the papers. After the 22nd you can still view the conference but new comments can no longer be added.

You can visit and take part in the conference at http://isad.isastutter.org/isad-2017/papers-presented-by/

There is also a Talk to a Professional section where you can ask questions about stammering.

One paper by Dr Trudy Stewart, Dr Jonathon Linklater and Paul Railton, 'Beyond Understanding: The use of theatre to change public attitudes to stammering', is about the play 'Unspoken' performed in Leeds last July, and includes a video extract from the play.

The conference is run by the International Stuttering Association. It is timed to coincide with International Stammering Awareness Day, 22nd October.