Mindfulness week, French Pyrenees

In the Pyrenean mountains close to the French-Spanish border, hosted by Paul Brocklehurst and Stéphanie Hersant. 15th to 22nd September. (Also 'Walk and Talk' week 15-22 June.)

EtsautThey write: 'Following the success of our first ever mindfulness week, in September 2017, Paul Brocklehurst and Stéphanie Hersant have decided to run another such week in September 2018.

Our intention is to provide an environment throughout the week that is conducive to developing and maintaining a robust practice of mindfulness. We will start and end each day with a series of formal (sitting) meditation sessions and will offer a daily programme of mindfulness-based activities, including mindful walking, mindful awareness of the environment, mindful eating, moving and mindful talking.

Overall, we will aim towards a total each day of around 6 hours of meditation and properly structured mindful activities. The rest of the time participants will be free to let go, relax and do their own thing.'

More information:

Website: www.stammeringresearch.org/pyreneeswalk_files/mindfulness.htm
Facebook: www.facebook.com/events/439279339743592/

As at March 2018, there are are still spaces available on the 15-22 June 2018 Pyrenees walk and talk.