Mindfulness week, French Pyrenees

In the Pyrenean mountains close to the French-Spanish border, hosted by Paul Brocklehurst. 23rd to 30th September.

EtsautThey write: 'In response to the interest that has been shown, this September we are offering our first ever, dedicated mindfulness week.

During this week, each day, we will engage in a variety of practices, including a number of daily sessions of formal “meditation” and also additionally, a variety of forms of “mindfulness in action” including amongst other things, mindful walking and also some mindful talking.

Our intention is to provide an environment and daily framework that is conducive to mindfulness, but also to integrate plenty of opportunities for participants to socialise and relax.'

More information:

Website: www.stammeringresearch.org/pyreneeswalk (click on 'Mindfulness')
Facebook: www.facebook.com/events/439279339743592/