'Unspoken' play comes to London

The highly-acclaimed play about stammering, Unspoken, is coming to City Lit in central London.


City Lit write: 'Unspoken' is unique because there has never been a stage play about stammering before now. You’ll no doubt be familiar with the Oscar-winning film, ‘The King's Speech', but 'Unspoken' is different. It is not the story of a VIP, but the simple tale of a young man who is struggling to live with his stammer.

Written by Yorkshire writer Neil Rathmell with consultant speech and language therapist Dr. Trudy Stewart, 'Unspoken' is performed by Leeds Arts Centre. People who stammer were involved in the writing of the play and coached the actors.

The play will be performed at City Lit London twice on Saturday 24 March, once as a matinee at 3pm and once as an evening performance at 7.30pm. The evening performance will include a glass of wine and a discussion after the play involving one of the writers, Trudy Stewart, and the actors.

So please do come and bring along your friends and family. This is a great opportunity to start or continue discussions around stammering.

To find out more about the play and to book your ticket, please follow this link to Eventbrite: https://unspokenatcitylit.eventbrite.co.uk.

You can also read a review of the play here: Unspoken play: review.

Looking forward to seeing you on 24 March!