Closed Facebook Group Rules

Rules of the BSA Closed Facebook Group

The BSA Closed Facebook Group has been an amazing success, to a large degree thanks to everyone who has contributed to it over the past few years. Every now and again we hit some difficulties, though. We try and learn from them and as a result Moderators and BSA Trustees have agreed these updated set of rules for the group.

1. Please follow these guidelines:

• Please be polite and respect other people’s views. We will not tolerate rudeness or abuse. Any libellous or unpleasant posts/comments will be removed. Swearing is permitted but please keep it to a minimum and do not make repeated use of the hardest swearwords. Please remember there are children as young as 13 on this group.

• Be safe. Do not give out personal details. If other group members contact you personally, please be careful. If you receive an abusive message or one that makes you feel uncomfortable, please alert the BSA admin, either via Facebook or via

2. This is a moderated group, run by the British Stammering Association (BSA). While all personal experiences are valued and welcome, BSA’s mission is to offer unbiased and accurate information about stammering. As such you may find your views replied to by BSA clarifying what research is telling us about stammering - this does not invalidate your personal experience!

3. Running the Group is a learning curve and BSA no longer has staff resources to commit dedicated time. However, we have a group of excellent volunteer moderators to help and keep the group’s discussions on track and to screen and add new members.

4. BSA remains accountable for the Group. While it is not part of the CEO’s job description, Norbert will remain involved with the group, adding comment and information as required.

5. Whenever there are heated arguments, we lose members. Every post shows on every Newsfeed of every member and people join the group for mutual support, and not to see fights on their newsfeeds.

6. To minimise chances of repeated off-topic arguments, moderation will in future be pro-active.

7. The list of posts to be deleted immediately and without warning (and any offending member possibly to be temporarily suspended from the group until the issue is resolved), would be (not necessarily limited to)

  • Posts personally critical or abusive of others, especially (but not limited to) BSA Staff
  • Discussion about BSA salaries
  • Posts about ‘blocking’ members
  • Post that are demonstrably starting an argument that is not related to stammering
  • Posts discussing moderator decisions
  • Images and videos in contravention of BSA’s child protection policies
  • Posts that are potentially libellous or in breach of Facebook policies on obscenity, equal opportunities, racism etc.
  • Posts deemed unsuitable for an audience that could be as young as 13
  • Posts with the specific intention of promoting a “cure” for stammering. If in doubt, contact the moderators before posting.

8. Post to be stringently moderated

  • Discussion about BSA funding or income
  • Posts announcing departures from the group

9. Any discussions deemed necessary with individual members by moderators will be held in private, if at all possible.

10. The email address is available to group members to email moderators with queries, complaints or suggestions.

11. Other decisions about possible deletions to be taken with care so as not to stifle general discussion and genuine debate.

12. Moderators will get things wrong. Email us if you think we have.

13. In support of useful debates, rather than deleting comments users may be encouraged to edit and resubmit them with, eg, relating their own experiences rather than comment on the views and experiences of others

14. When answers to members' queries can be found on BSA's website moderators will seek to refer them to the specific section

15. We will carry on the process of removing offending members for a period of four weeks from the Group, after which time they can apply to be admitted again. In some severe cases, removal from the Group is permanent.

16. One technical issue that has come up is moderators being ‘blocked’ by members. This is a risk because while most post by blocked members can be seen by moderators in the group, not all content can. Members therefore are encouraged not to block moderators (you can always ‘unfollow’ them) but if they do, they run the risk that content that is not visible to moderators (eg links to videos etc) will simply be removed.

17. If you have any complaint about the group, group members or moderator decisions, please email with your complaint. We will aim to get back to you as soon as possible.

By joining the group, or remaining a group member, you’re deemed to be in agreement with these rules. For any comment, please contact the moderators at