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Organising an Open Day

Stammering Open Days are vitally important, since they are held in areas where other BSA events may not reach. You can download our guide to organising them.

A BSA Open DayOpen Days can be life changing. For some people who stammer it will be the first time they have been to an event of this kind. It may be the first time they meet and talk to other people who stammer. And it may be the first time they have been exposed to new ideas and experiences about stammering from speakers who are experts in their field.

Open Days might be organised by a team from a local self-help group, or by people who come together in some other way. Do consider getting involved in organising one. If you are interested, you can email us on . You can also download our organiser's guide:

Many thanks to Christine Simpson, Rory Sheridan, and Jimmy Lang MBE for preparing the organiser's guide.