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Stammering Awareness Wristbands

Use this wristband to raise awareness and open up conversations about stammering.

Wristband saying 'Let's talk about stammering'These sea-green coloured wristbands have the message 'Let's Talk about Stammering', and our website address At the moment we only have adult size wristbands in stock.

You can get them from BSA for £2 per wristband. Either order online or pay by text:

Order online

Click the link for an
adult size wristband.

You can order more than one wristband if you like.

*Child size wristbands are currently unavailable*

... or pay by text

Provided you are in the UK, simply pay by text from your mobile phone. Send a text with the wording: ISAD16 £2 to the number 70070.* Text donations can be made up to £10, so you can order up to 5 wristbands in one text.

If you pay by text, please also email us - on - with your name, mobile number, wristband size, number of wristbands ordered and full postal address details so that the wristband can be sent to you.

*The £2 will appear on your next mobile phone bill or be taken from your PAYG credit. Please do not choose to apply Gift Aid, as you will be receiving goods in exchange for your payment.

Why sea green?

Wristband saying ''Sea green is the colour of International Stammering Awareness Day (ISAD), which happens on 22nd October each year. Why sea green? Michael Sugarman who founded ISAD writes: "The color 'blue' has traditionally been associated with calm while 'green' represents liberty, freedom and justice. The combination of these colors for People who Stutter shows the bond between 'peace' and 'liberation' when finding support and community with other people who understand and share their experiences."