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International Stammering Awareness Day: 22nd October

International Stammering Awareness Day (ISAD) happens on 22nd October every year. Stammering associations, individuals and groups around the world organise events to mark the day and to raise awareness of stuttering.

Talk about stammering and use our Talking about stammering poster. Wear a Stammering Awareness Wristband, or change your Facebook picture, to mark International Stammering Awareness Day.

Use ISAD to talk about stammering

'Talking about stammering' posterTalking about stammering is how we can all improve the lives of people who stammer.

International Stammering Awareness Day is a great opportunity to talk to the general public about stammering. Only by talking openly about stammering will we gradually remove the stigma and misunderstanding surrounding it. And there’s an additional benefit to us as well – talking about it is therapeutic in its own right!

All of us can help in some way to get the important messages across.

But how do we go about it? And what do we say? Go to Use ISAD to talk about stammering, where you can also download our new Talking about stammering poster.

ISAD online conference

ISAD logo: Stuttering Pride: Respect, Dignity, Recognition.The 2016 ISAD Online Conference ran from 1st to 22nd October, and can still be viewed for free online - but after the 22nd new comments can no longer be added.

You can see it at There are papers from around the world, by people who stammer and professionals, and an 'Ask an Expert' section.

This year's theme was Stuttering Pride: Respect, Dignity, Recognition.

Papers include stories and experiences with stuttering, research, therapy and support, and creative expression. Contributors include Kylah Simmons whose detention at Atlanta airport because of her stammer was much publicised and led to an 'I stutter' card, Grant Meredith from Australia ('Fostering a culture of pride') who was a keynote speaker at BSA's conference in Manchester this year, and BSA trustee Patrick Campbell who, with Sam Simpson and Christopher Constantinou, has written a paper 'Revisioning stammering through art'.

Video: What is it like to stammer?

Video: What is it like to stammer?

Four under 16-year-olds explain what it feels like to have a stammer and how they cope with it: What is it like to stammer?

We also have a page People who stammer speak for themselves which includes a video with adults who stammer, and an article.

What is stammering?

Hard to define, even though everyone knows it when they hear it. What we do know is what impact it can have, what help is out there, and we're beginning to learn what's causing it: What is stammering?

Going green for ISAD

Wear a Stammering Awareness Wristband (available from BSA). You can use it as a conversation starter.

You can use sea green to mark International Stammering Awareness Day on 22nd October, or to raise awareness of stammering at any time. Other possibilities as well as a wrist band:

Why sea green for stammering awareness? Michael Sugarman who founded ISAD writes:
"The color 'blue' has traditionally been associated with calm while 'green' represents liberty, freedom and justice. The combination of these colors for People who Stutter shows the bond between 'peace' and 'liberation' when finding support and community with other people who understand and share their experiences. These are reflected in the Bill of Rights and Responsibilities of People who Stutter (link to ISA website).
"Remember to wear Sea Green clothes or ribbon on October 22nd to raise awareness about stuttering and the issues people who stutter face everyday."

Some other ideas for ISAD

And last year Kane (10) created this fantastic information sheet to take to his school for an ISAD event - please feel free to share! Kane's Helpful Tips for his school

Why not tell us what your doing on our Facebook group.