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Speaking Out Team

This is a team giving talks about stammering to Rotary Clubs and other groups.

The BSA has launched a Speaking Out Team bringing together people creating and using speaking opportunities to:

  • present the facts about stammering;
  • challenge misconceptions about stammering;
  • help people understand what it is like to live with stammering; and
  • support organisations that serve people affected by stammering.

Lots of BSA members already do this, or would like to but want to know how. The aim of the Speaking Out Team is to provide a way for people to build up contacts with other BSA members who have given talks - for example at Rotary Clubs - learn from their experiences, discuss what works best, brush up on contemporary thinking about stammering, and think about using or adapting a formal presentation as a part of a talk.


We are developing a number of resources to help the Speaking Out Team in their work. So far the list is as follows (click on the link to get access to the resource):

Join our Facebook group

We are exploring a number of different ways for the Team to get together - both physically and via the Internet. Leys Geddes gave a well-attended presentation on the Team at our National Conference in Durham last September. Out of the response to that we have created a 'Speaking Out Team' Facebook group.

If you think you might like to be part of this Facebook group, just drop an email to John Evans, BSA Trustee, at, or Leys Geddes at If you have sworn never to be on Facebook, contact us all the same, and we will make sure you have access to the key information.

November 2011