Basic information for adults who stammer

The more you know about stammering and the way it affects you, the better able you will be to control it and not let it hold you back.

Stammering is found in all parts of the world and affects the rich, the poor, the highly intelligent and those who have learning difficulties.  There are many famous people who stammered, for example King George VI (the Queen's father), Marilyn Monroe, Bruce Willis and Gareth Gates.  Stammering occurs in 1% of adults.  Most stammering begins in early childhood and children who have been stammering for more than 3 years are more likely to continue to stammer throughout their lives.  

Other people, even close relatives, may think that your stammer is solely related to your speech, or they may not know that you stammer because you hide it so well. Regardless of what others think, you will know that the answer to the question 'What is stammering?' is that it is a speech problem, but also a problem of the negative feelings and thoughts associated with the act of speaking.

Although there is no guaranteed ‘cure’ for stammering by the time you reach teenage years, there is so much that can be done to improve the situation.  The first step is to realise that developing a positive approach will start to make other things happen.