For people who stammer

Teens & young adults

It's an unsettling time of change, and transitions. Your stammering may well be as severe now as it's ever been. It's important to hold on to your dreams, to remember you're not alone, and that there's support out there for you.
Basic information for teens and young adults who stammer
The more you know about stammering and the way it affects you, the better able...
Teebs leaflets
BSA leaflets for teens and young adults
Our teens leaflet, leaflet on where to get help, and interiorised stammering.
Education: School and university
Our Education Officer has produced resources for parents, and we have an Education...
For employment, see our At work topic.
Self-help page
For self-help groups, internet discussion and much more, go to our Self-help...
As well as our leaflet Teenagers who stammer - where to get help, there is more...