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People who stammer can be found in pretty much any job. BSA supports employers to help people meet their full potential. Both employees and customers who stammer are often protected by Equality Act 2010.
Recruiting and developing employees who stammer (BSA booklet) - link
Our booklet Recruiting and developing employees who stammer is a best-practice...
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Recruiting someone who stammers: 10 things to know - link
This bullet point list for managers can also be downloaded as as a pdf. Link...
ENEI/ESN guide for employers
Guide for employers: ESN and ENEI
BSA's Employers Stammering Network (ESN) and ENEI have produced 'Understanding...
Employers Stammering Network (ESN)
Opening up opportunities and unlocking talent for the workplace
Training providers
Training can cover employment issues and also customers who stammer. These organistions...
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