Speech and language therapists

Key points for SLTs

BSA leaflets

BSA leaflets are available on this website - go to the relevant part of our Help and Information section (eg Parents or People who stammer), or see BSA leaflets and information. You can also order a professionals Information Pack, or get muliple hard copies of leaflets from our Shop.

Speaking Out articles

Some speech and language therapists also refer clients to particular Speaking Out articles from our website which they feel will be particularly helpful at present. Or you may find them useful yourself. See our Speaking Out page, or for particular subjects look at the tag list.

Pre-school provision - Early Intervention

Research shows that the best chance of addressing stammering, in terms of completely overcoming it, is as close to onset as possible.

BSA's project 'Every Child's Chance of Fluency', on Early Intervention, demonstrated that providing an excellent service for pre-school children, a service that will offer them the best chance of complete recovery from stammering, does not have to be hugely expensive.

Also Appendix 1 and 2 of the report set out the research case for Early Intervention.

Our helpline

We have a helpline which SLTs are welcome to contact. See BSA helpline (SLTs).

Self-help groups

Clients over 18 may find the ongoing support of a self-help group useful, during or after therapy. Please do consider suggesting any local group to your client.

We have a list of UK stammering self-help groups: see Self-help groups.

Talk about BSA

Please consider telling clients or parents about British Stammering Association and suggest they get involved - eg join BSA, try out the discussions on Facebook, come to a BSA event, and get involved in fundraising.

"The main thing I came away with was the incredibly liberating sensation that people 'got' me after 40 years of not having that. It was like the 'looking in on a fluent world window' had been removed. Durham, September 2011, really did change my life."
Partipant at BSA Conference, Durham

"I've finally found a private group where I can talk about my stammer."
A member of BSA's closed Facebook group.

... and get involved yourself

Please consider joining yourself. By becoming a member of BSA you also add weight to our voice, and help us help others and increase public understanding.

Other examples of SLTs gettting involved:

BSA library

Whether or not you are a BSA member, UK qualified speech and language therapists are allowed to borrow from our members library.