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Children and young people who stammer can succeed in education, with the right support which is not difficult to provide.
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Teachers: basic information
Pupils who stammer have the same range of abilities and personalities as those...
Our website for teachers - stammeringineducation
Our website is a resource specifically for teachers...
Early Years website
Our website for Early Years workers
This new BSA website is for staff working with children in Early Years settings....
'Communicating phonics: A guide to support teachers delivering and interpreting the phonics screening check for children with speech, language and communication needs.
Phonics guide for children who stammer
'Communicating Phonics' is a guide for teachers running the phonics test for...
BSA information leaflet for teachers: 'The pupil who stammers'
The pupil who stammers - information for teachers
BSA's leaflet for teachers Introduction Stammering (or stuttering) does not...