Early Intervention (under 5's)

Every Child's Chance of Fluency - final report

With relatively minor adjustments SLT departments can dramatically improve their service.

Research shows that the best chance of addressing stammering, in terms of completely overcoming it, is as close to onset as possible.

BSA's project 'Every Child's Chance of Fluency', on Early Intervention, demonstrated that providing an excellent service for pre-school children, a service that will offer them the best chance of complete recovery from stammering, does not have to be hugely expensive. The final project report (pdf) sets out the project's methods and positive outcomes, and recommends that all SLT departments implement the changes. There is more background in this Speaking Out article.

The report was distributed to all managers and commissioners of services in the NHS in the UK.

You can download the full report, or each appendix separately - see Attached Files on the right.

October 2009