'Stammering Research' journal

'Stammering research' coverA on-line journal which was published by the British Stammering Association. Publication ceased in January 2005.

'Stammering Research' is hosted on the UCL website at

Download Volume 1 Issue 4, January 2005 on the UCL website (pdf):

  • Adrian Davis & Peter Howell: Elements of statistical treatment of speech and hearing science data
  • S.Z. Levine, K.V. Petrides, S. Davis, C.J. Jackson & P. Howell: The use of structural equation modeling in stuttering research: Concepts and directions
  • Research Data, Software and Analysis Section:
    P. Howell: The effect of using time intervals of different length on judgements about stuttering
  • Indexes to Volume 1, 2004-2005

Download Volume 1 Issue 3, September 2004 from the UCL website (pdf):

  • C. Acton: A conversation analytic perspective on stammering: some reflections and observations
  • R. Sage: How interviews with adults who stammer inform research directions concerning what we think about our stammer: Participants views from the Apple House Fluency Course, Oxford
  • Commentaries on these and previous articles
  • Research Data, Software and Analysis Section:
    P. Howell, S. Davis, J. Bartrip & L. Wormald: Effectiveness of frequency shifted feedback at reducing disfluency for linguistically easy, and difficult, sections of speech (original audio recordings included); and
    S. Joukov: Trial software for frequency shifted and delayed auditory feedback
  • Abstracts of reports from BSA vacation studentships 2004
  • Two preliminary conference announcements.

Download Volume 1 Issue 2, July 2004 from the UCL website (pdf):

  • C. Savage and E. Lieven: Can the Usage-Based Approach to Language Development be Applied to Analysis of Developmental Stuttering?
  • A. Furnham and S. Davis: Involvement of social factors in stuttering: A review and assessment of current methodology
  • Commentaries on both articles
  • Research Data, Software and Analysis Section:P. Howell and M. Huckvale:
    Facilities to assist people to research into stammered speech

Download Volume 1 Issue 1, April 2004 from the UCL website (pdf):

  • J. Scott Yaruss and Robert W. Quesal: Partnerships between Clinicians, Researchers, and People Who Stutter in the Evaluation of Stuttering Treatment
  • Peter Howell: Effects of delayed auditory feedback and frequency-shifted feedback on speech control and some potentials for future development of prosthetic aids for Stammering.
  • Commentaries on both articles