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School: our education websites

The BSA has education websites aimed at parents, teachers, and Early Years workers.

For parents: Expert Parent website

Screenshot of Expert Parent websiteOur Expert Parent resource,, gives parents detailed guidance on getting the best support for their child during preschool and school years.

Produced by Cherry, the resource launched in late August 2011. There was previously nothing available to parents that brings all the information that they may need together in easily accessible form.

The resource is wide-ranging and comprehensive so that parents have the information to work productively with the preschool, or school staff, and if necessary challenge their decisions. Topics covered for example include admissions policies, the complexities of the curriculum and examinations system, and policies on special educational needs, teasing and bullying.

For parents: Special Educational Needs Code and stammering

Website screenshot: 'Special Educational Needs Code and stammering'A new (2016) guide for parents of children who stammer on how to use the Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice (SEND) in England.

It includes Early Years settings, Primary Schools and Secondary Schools.

For teachers:

Screenshot of

Our online education resource houses online updated versions of all our education CDs for England and Scotland, produced by BSA Education Officer Cherry Hughes.

The website shows best practice for teachers and school staff when working with pupils who stammer, plus tips and techniques for English oral work. Like the original CDs, it includes video and audio clips of children who stammer, teachers and therapists, as well as classroom situations.

In November 2010, BSA presented at a lunchtime reception in Speakers House, House of Commons.

For Early Years workers

This new website (2016) is for staff working with children in Early Years settings.

It offers information about stammering, with simple strategies that may be used in the Early Years setting to support children who stammer and thereby include them in all the activities of the setting.