Self-Help (including groups)

Mutual support between people who stammer, and parents of stammering children, can have a powerful, and positive impact on our lives. The benefits are wide-ranging, not only for those receiving the support but also for those offering it.
Introducing self-help
Many find it very helpful to have some contact with other people who stammer,...
Online groups
Connect with other people who stammer via Facebook, video conference calls and...
Doncaster Stammering Association street event
Find a local self-help group
Mutual support between people who stammer can have a powerful, positive impact....
Norbert Lieckfeldt, BSA Chief Executive, with lecturn
Public speaking / presentations
Public speaking can be daunting for anyone. However, it is something one can...
Telephone calls
Many people who stammer find telephone calls particularly difficult. However,...
Scenari-Aid: online videos to practice speech situations has video simulations to help you practice different speech...