Self-Help (incl groups)

Find a local self-help group

Mutual support between people who stammer can have a powerful, positive impact. Is there a self-help group near you? If not, there are online options, or you could think of starting a group.
Doncaster Stammering Association street event
Group of people
Introducing self-help groups
Self-help groups are a great way to get support and meet other people who stammer.
Self-help groups in Southern England
Southern England groups
Self-help groups in Southern England, from Kent through to the South West. (There...
London groups
London groups
Self-help groups in London
Central England self-help groups
Central England groups
Self-help groups in Central England. Includes East Anglia.
Northern England groups
Northern England groups
Self-help groups in Northern England
Groups in Wales
Wales groups
Self-help groups in Wales
Scotland groups
Self-help groups in Scotland, run by the Scottish Stammering Network.
Northern Ireland group
Self-help group in Northern Ireland. South of the border there is also the Irish...
Channel Islands
Channel Island groups
There is a self-help group in Jersey.
BSA Facebook group
Can't find a self-help group near you?
If there isn't a group near you, there are lots of possibilities online. Or...
A guide for stammering and managing a self-help support group
Setting up and running a self-help group
If there's no self-help group near you, why not start one up? Remember you can...