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Kings Speakers, London

A Toastmasters group for people who stammer

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Address:  Hotel 63, 63 Bayswater Road, London, W2 3PH


Kings Speakers is no ordinary Toastmasters club. Based in London, it is one of three clubs in the whole world, for people who stammer, have a speech impediment or social anxiety. By joining Kings Speakers, you will be welcomed into a friendly, supportive and encouraging community of people with similar experiences all working towards developing their communication and leaderships skills. It is a safe space to learn and grow and the more one takes part, the more their confidence flourishes.

As a guest, there is no pressure on anyone to say anything, pay anything, or do anything. They can simply sit back, relax and enjoy the evening. So, come along and see what makes Kings so unique. We meet twice a month, and full meeting details are available on our website.

Kings Speakers


This is what some of our members have to say about Kings Speakers.

"After nearly 30 years of hiding my voice because of my stammer, Kings Speakers gave me the opportunity to become the confident speaker that I am now.”
Graeme Bass

"Kings Speakers has been invaluable for me in gaining confidence in speaking in front of others, and if you have a stammer and are within easily commutable distance from central London, you need to come along as a guest and see what we're about. You will meet other like minded exceptionally friendly people and in my opinion in the field of speaking practice and gaining more confidence for anybody with a stammer, whether very mild or very severe, Kings Speakers are the gold standard and I'm so glad I joined and look forward to the meetings every time."
Tony Weiss

“Kings Speakers has helped me in two ways. 1) With my confidence 2) Becoming a leader.
Since I joined Toastmasters in 2007 my confidence has grown so much. I first joined Chelmsford Speakers and I found it really hard. I nearly left on a few occasions but I stuck at it and pushed myself to do things that I never ever thought that I would or could do.

When Harry Dhillon set up Kings Speakers in 2012, I was invited along to help out and do a few speeches and do a few roles to help the club get started but I enjoyed it so much that I became a full-time member and the thing that I really enjoy is helping other people and seeing them grow with confidence each time they come along.”
Brian Skelton

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Last updated: May 2017