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The group meets every two weeks at the University of Manchester, on Oxford Road. Meetings are every other Wednesday 7-9pm, and continue afterwards at a nearby bar. Please email the group (or join the Facebook page) to get the meeting room details, time of the next meeting, and a contact phone number so you can call or text us when you get to the venue.

The group is organised via consensus decision making, which means that all members have equal involvement and we take it in turn to act as facilitator at meetings. Members have experience with Van Riper and Sheehan therapy, Alexander Technique, Mindfulness, Starfish and McGuire programmes, but no approach dominates and the emphasis is on exploring different ways of dealing with stuttering, and finding what works best for you.

As well as people who stutter, the group is open to friends and family, and qualified and trainee speech and language therapists. You are welcome to attend in an observational capacity as many times as you like, and there is no pressure to take part in activities you might not be ready for.

Group activities include play reading, discussion groups, guest speakers (members are also encouraged to host discussion groups based on their own stuttering experiences) and table topics, the last-mentioned being borrowed from the Toastmasters public speaking group (with whom we have links). There is a turn taking system in discussion groups, which ensures equal participation for all speakers.

We also run extra-curricular activities, such as karaoke and evenings out. We organised the 2016 BSA Conference, from 2–4 September 2016 at the University of Manchester.

Last updated: April 2018