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Parents group: Wyre & Fylde, Lancashire

The 'Wyre and Fylde Stammering Organisation' is a support group for parents of children who stammer age 7-11 (junior school).

Fleetwood Lower Lighthouse'The Wyre and Fylde Support Group has been set up to bring families and their children who stammer together. It is often hard to find people who understand what it is like to have a child who stammers and you can often feel isolated with nobody to discuss anything with. Likewise it is also hard for the child as they may never have met another person who stammers and can often feel like they are the only person like this. Recently, we as a family attended such a group, this was fantastic to share our experiences and to learn from other parents, my son aged 8 had the best time as he finally got to meet other children just like him and he no longer felt alone.' Fiona Horabin

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Last updated: February 2018