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Northern Ireland groups

Self-help groups in Northern Ireland. South of the border there is also the Irish Stammering Association.

Northern Ireland Support of Stammering & Dysfluency (NISSD):

Tyrone & Fermanagh group


Christine Birney on 07933 990147 or
Twitter @nissd_tf
This group is part of the NISSD:


We meet once a month in Mahon's Hotel, Irvinestown. But if anyone wishes for one to one chats, they are more than welcome. We may meet more often if anyone wishes to. Tea, coffee and biscuits are always available.

We try and go out for a meal together or to the local bowling alley. Within the group, opportunities are given for people to practice techniques learnt in therapy and we often do role play.  However, it is usually an informal chat, and we sometimes have a speech and language therapist (SLT) with us to answer any questions. 

Article: 'My Journey, My Voice' exhibition by Christine Birney

Last updated: March 2017

Belfast group


Amy Kennedy on 07515 155390 or .
Facebook page:
Twitter @NI_SSD


Meets in Belfast on the first Monday of each month. Contact Amy for the venue as this may change according to demographics of the group. "It is an inclusive group for all whether they use techniques, therapy or nothing at all." The group also encourages family and friends to participate, if support is needed for a new member. The group has a Facebook page.

Last updated: June 2014

NISSD Media coverage

Media coverage with the Belfast group and Mandy Taylor, 12th March 2012:

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Republic of Ireland

Irish Stammering Association: