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Brendan Berry, tel 07751950578


Launched in January 2009, the group normally meets on the last Tuesday of the month, 7pm, in a room at Treforma Community Hall, Tweedsmuir Road, Tremorfa, Cardiff CF24 2QZ. Tea and coffee provided. 

'We do a range of different things each month such as speaking circles, interview and presentation practice and other speaking exercises we have experienced in the past. We also share experiences and support each other in upcoming events that may be troubling us due to our dysfluency. Group members can participate in running the group sessions if they want. There are a range of ages that attend the group and we have all formed friendships over the 10+ years it has been running.'

For more information see the group's website or Facebook page - or contact Brendan.

Last updated: April 2019

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