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Telephone Link Scheme

What is the Telephone Link Scheme?

Bird on telegraph pole, talking on phone.The Scheme is a way that BSA members can make contact with each other by phone, either to practice speech therapy techniques, gain confidence on the phone, share experiences or just chat and make new friends in all parts of the UK.

The Scheme has been running for many years and feedback about it has been very positive, with some members reporting that it has enabled them to make new social contacts, organise outings, and so on. The great thing about the Scheme is that it leaves you, the member, in control, so that you can participate at whatever level is right for you.

How does it work?

Your name, telephone number, the area in which you live and a short profile which you write about yourself, are included in a list which is circulated to all other members of the Scheme. It is then up to people on the list to make contact - or, of course, others can contact you. You can specify that you are only available to be called at certain times or on certain days.

Who is it for?

The Scheme is for anyone who stammers and who wants to make contact with others in order to swap ideas about therapy, coping strategies or just for moral support. Stammering can be an isolating condition - reaching out can make all the difference. Due to the confidential nature of this Scheme, you need to be a BSA member to join. You can join BSA for free.

How can I join?

To join the Scheme itself, please email Peter Fidler at or phone him on 07854 817183. You will be sent an application form to complete, and once this has been returned, you will be sent the current list of Scheme members.

Correct use of the Telephone Link Scheme

Prospective members should note that the Scheme is a support arrangement for people whose lives are affected by stammering. It is specifically not intended to be a dating or matchmaking service. The organiser relies on members to notify him of any inappropriate approaches so that problems can be addressed immediately for the benefit of all other members.

As with any contact scheme dealing with vulnerable issues, members should be cautious about exchanges with strangers. Members should also be aware of the need to treat fellow members of the Scheme with respect in terms of the timing, content, frequency and length of calls. Anyone receiving calls which they find offensive should contact the organiser as soon as possible either by phone or email. The BSA reserves the right to exclude from the Scheme any person found to be abusing it and to notify their exclusion to current members of the Scheme. The exchange of personal details such as addresses, and personal meetings, can only be permitted when both parties are over 18.

Last updated December 2016