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AAF apps and software

This pages lists some of the apps and software to run altered auditory feedback (AAF) on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

They relay your voice back to you with a slight delay (Delayed Auditory Feedback or DAF), and/or with a slight alteration in pitch (Frequency-shifted Auditory Feedback or FAF). More: General information on apps and devices.

Apps for smartphones

The apps below are examples. Search for the app name in Google Play or iTunes. For more apps, you can search there for 'auditory feedback'.

Apps installed on a smartphone may or may not work on calls using the phone. We have heard of them working with calls on an Android phone. You can look at the app description and reviews, but ultimately will need to test it on your phone.

With a bluetooth headset you should be able to use AAF on a phone wirelessly, though this may add a further delay to the feedback.

Christine SimpsonArticle: No I'm not listening to music - Christine Simpson thought she'd try installing altered auditory feedback (AAF) software on her mobile phone and work computer.

Software for computers