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Cluttering is a communication disorder characterised by a rapid rate of speech that may come out too fast without proper pronunciation and be somewhat erratic.

'Cluttering is likely to contain one or more of the following key elements: abnormally fast speech rate, or uncontrolled bursts of fast speech; reduced intelligibility due to overcoarticulation and indistinct articulation; disturbances in language planning; greater than expected number of disfluencies.'
Stuttering and Cluttering' by David Ward, 2006, p152.

Cluttering can exist alongside other disorders, including stammering. Sometimes the speaker is unaware that their speech is disfluent at all; others are aware but seem unable to do anything about it. Many people wrongfully categorise clutterers with stammerers. Although this is incorrect, there are similarities.

There is an article by David Ward Understanding cluttering, and clicking on the Cluttering tag will bring up articles by people who clutter.


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Cluttering posterTheatre project

In 2012, Theatr Ffynnon and Sherman Cymru Youth Theatre in Cardiff presented 'Cluttering' - d-d-d–do y:ou re-really (h)ear m:e? 'This explored what happens between the listener and speaker when the 'expectation of communication is violated'. The Theatr Ffynnon web page is www.theatrffynnon.co.uk/theatre/cluttering/ and there is a blog at www.clutteringproject.co.uk