At Work

Basic information on employment

People who stammer can be found in pretty much any job. BSA supports both people who stammer and employers to help people meet their full potential.

People who stammer do a very wide range of jobs, be it as doctors, lawyers, accountants or other professionals, business people, customer service, armed forces, actors and broadcasters, and even airline pilot or air traffic controller. The Types of job tag brings together articles on this website which talk about the different sorts of work people do.

Anyone, whether they stammer or not, needs to take their abilities into account. However, we would encourage people to look first at what they would really like to do and see if they can make it work, rather than thinking (as some do) 'What can I do that doesn't involve much speaking?'

Stammering is often a 'disability' within the legal definition of Equality Act 2010, so that employers should not discriminate and should make reasonable adjustments. A personal website on how the Act applies to stammering is

We also offer support from employers, both on our general helpline, but also more specialist support for those who join our Employers' Stammering Network. See Businesses.

We have employment booklets for people who stammer and for employers: