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Unlocking the talent of people who stammer.

Listening skills, resilience, empathy, creativity….people who stammer often have qualities that employers rate highly.

Yet in many workplaces people who stammer don’t have a chance to show what talents they bring.

Lack of awareness and understanding of the challenges that face the 500,000 adults in the UK who stammer has consequences. It may stop an employer recruiting the best person for the job. Or it may lead an employee to go to huge lengths to hide their stammer.

The Employers Stammering Network helps create a culture where people who stammer can achieve their full career potential. With a focus on mutual benefit to employers and employees, it is the first Network of its kind in the world. Existing members employ over 1.8 million people. They are showing how even small changes can make a big difference to people’s working lives. And crucially, employees who stammer play a leading role.

Our members demonstrate that it’s OK to stammer at work.

We offer:

  • Information, advice and PR resources
  • Opportunities to network and learn through events
  • Training and other support for employees. Training for employers info available on request 

Resources and information for people who manage employees who stammer (incorporates advice from leading HR specialists)

Information and advice for employees who stammer (written by people who stammer for people who stammer, including strategies for tackling challenging situations).

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