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Education Helpline

This is our specialist helpline for anyone who has a concern about stammering in education.

Contact our education officer, Cherry Hughes, on education@stammering.org 

The helpline regularly receives queries from

  • parents of children of all ages,
  • professional staff,
  • students in schools/ colleges/ universities, and
  • speech and language therapists.

We provide advice and support on all educational concerns that may arise for children and young people who stammer. These have included for example:

  • advice and letters to support applications/ appeals for a school place,
  • issues of support in education for children and young people who stammer from early years through to college and/or university
  • specific advice on situations arising with individual children and young people, such as oral tests, bullying and applications for employment and further/ higher education.

Some feedback

From parents

‘Cherry is so helpful and made me feel so much better’
‘Have spoken to her before. Such a credit to BSA team and I can’t stress how much she has helped’
‘You have been a star, thank you for all your support’.

From Speech and Language Therapists

‘Thank you for all your help today. I wanted to let you know I did join the BSA and hope the financial horizon brightens’
‘Thank you so much for your advice. That is really helpful.’

From an Examinations officer

'Thank you very much for your generosity with your time earlier.'

From a university student

Thank you so much for all your advice and support regarding my university concerns.  Thank you also for the very good letter that you provided.  The university is in the dark ages and needs educating!