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  • DVD: UNDERSTANDING NEW GENETIC FINDINGS IN STUTTERING, with Dennis Drayna, Ph.D. This 72-minute DVD provides an update on recent research findings in the genetics of stammering. It discusses evidence for genetic factors in stammering, genes discovered to date, their function and what they tell us about underlying causes of stammering. Stuttering Foundation 2017. (Article by Dennis Drayna.)
  • DVD: A FRESH LOOK AT STUTTERING, Stuttering Foundation of America, 2016. "This 24-minute video follows adults who stutter through their gradual, emotional transformation. They discover the paradox that by accepting and embracing their stuttering rather than hiding it they achieve more fluent communication." Excerpts on Youtube.
  • DVD: STOTTERS, Joke Nyssen. Sophimages, n.d. This remarkable film, by the stammerer's sister, and made from 150 hours of footage filmed over 2 years,shows how someone with a severe stammer learns to gain control and gain a place in society. In Dutch with English subtitles.
  • DVD: CLUTTERING: Myers, Florence & St. Louis, Kenneth. Stuttering Foundation of America, 2012. "This DVD features people who clutter and clearly illustrates the essence of cluttering as well as the problems that often accompany it."
  • DVD: THE KID'S SPEECH, BBC. A documentary following the stories of three children who live with a stammer but who decide to embark on an intensive speech therapy course at the Michael Palin Centre in London. 2011. (Speaking Out article :BBC's 'The Kid's Speech'- Has stammering therapy moved on?)
  • DVD: THE KING'S SPEECH. Director: Tom Hooper. This film depicts the attempts by King George VI to alleviate his stammer with the help of the Australian speech therapist Lionel Logue. Some of it is fiction but the film contains strong factual elements. Momentum Pictures, 2011.
  • DVD: OUTSPOKEN, TAG Theatre, British Stammering Association Scotland. DVD based on a drama about the challenges of stammering in adolescence. It describes the experience of Danny, a first year High School pupil who stammers. 2009.
  • DVD: MESSAGE TO A STUTTERER and NO WORDS TO SAY. (1 DVD) "Message to a Stutterer" (34 minutes) is a documentary tribute to eminent American psychologist Joseph Sheehan who ran the stammering clinic at the University of California for 35 years. It comprises archive footage of research, experimentation, lectures and TV appearances outlining avoidance reduction therapy. "No Words to Say" (56 minutes): filmed at UCLA's stammering clinic, students share their personal experiences - their fears, failures, and triumphs.
  • DVD: ROCKET SCIENCE, Jeffrey Blitz. A feature film about a 15-year-old boy in an American school trying to combat a stammer, and the emotional effects this has on him. 2008.
  • DVD: LIAM, Stephen Frears (director), Jimmy McGovern (screenwriter). A passionate film drama, suitable for those aged 15 years and over, set in Liverpool in the depression years. The story revolves around Liam, a small boy who stammers. BBC Films, 2000
  • DVD: TRANSCENDING STUTTERING: THE INSIDE STORY, Dr Phillip Schneider. An intimate journey into seven lives of people who stammer as they travel from fear and isolation to a position of courage, strength and freedom of speech. National Stuttering Association, 2007. Feature film 28 min, plus 90 min of personal journeys. The 28 min film is available on Vimeo.
  • DVD: UNSPEAKABLE - John Paskievich (89 minutes). This documentary, intended both for the general public and people who stammer, examines the nature, history and treatment of stammering. It also looks at how successful therapy can be, both for children and adults. National Film Board of Canada, 2006. External link to 'Unspeakable' interview.
  • DVD: IF YOU STUTTER: ADVICE FOR ADULTS This 55 minute DVD provides insight and inspiration for those who stammer. A variety of therapy techniques are demonstrated, including stammerers' attitudes about speech and transferring skills into the real world. There is a section for teenagers too. Stuttering Foundation of America. (Video cassette also available.)
  • DVD: AVOIDANCE WORKSHOP (hosted by Daniel Bell). This workshop formed part of the BSA. Open Day in London in 2010, and illustrates ways of dealing with avoidance problems in stammering. British Stammering Association, 2010
  • DVD: THE ONE SHOW, BBC. During the show Dr Kate Watkins, from St. Anne's College, Oxford, explains how brain imaging during stammering is helping to identify various parts of the brain that appear different when stammering is in progress. BBC, 2011


  • AUDIO CD: BBC SPEAKEASY PROGRAMME - went out on Radio Wales in 2004. Examines the psychology of the voice including stammering.

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There is also a selection of BBC and other network programmes on stammering available to view at the BSA office; all inquiries to the librarian.