The Secondary School and SEND

Tests of Spoken Language

The National Curriculum Assessments are changing in format. However, as the importance of speaking and listening is maintained, pupils who stammer must continue to have a Plan. Interventions and outcomes should be changed and adapted for as long as they need during their secondary education. 

Outline requirements for Spoken English in the secondary school

Pupils should be taught to:

  • Speak confidently and effectively using Standard English confidently in a range of formal and informal contexts.

In Years 7-9 Key Stage 3 assessment for spoken English is regularly carried out by the teacher during English lessons. This lays the foundations for the oral assessment in GCSE.

In Years 7-9 Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) - there is considerable emphasis on the spoken language, and oral sessions  in class will be used to extend skills for the assessments in external examinations in Year 11.

The subject tutors for English and MFL should be aware of the support which is helpful for oral work and monitor and change strategies according to the pupil’s needs at the time. 

In Years 10 and 11 Key Stage 4 pupils will be prepared for orals in English, probably Modern Foreign languages and possibly Drama for GCSE or other relevant examinations.

SEND views support as a continuing and flexible process from entry to the secondary school so that every Year builds on previous progress and identifies gaps in performance where interventions must be continued or added to the pupil’s Plan. Parents have a crucial role in ensuring that their child does identify any concerns developing about his speech so that staff can give ongoing support.

From Year 7 keep the pupil's Plan in place, as long as support is needed, to practise the oral skills in class for teacher assessment in Years 7-9 and external assessment in Year 10. If a pupil is managing the stammer for a period without SEN support, ensure that support is resumed through the Graduated Cycle if needed again. 

Do not wait until the pre-examination period in Year 11 to put support in place for Orals in external examinations as access arrangements are required.