'Adventures of a Stuttering Superhero: Adventure 1 Interupt-itis', by Kim Block

Cherry Hughes | 01.03.2017

Book review by Cherry Hughes, BSA Education Officer.

Adventures of a Stuttering Superhero, by Kim BlockKim lives in Canada so this context affects the vocabulary and spelling sometimes, but it is all very easy to understand. As Kim stammers herself, she decided to write a series of books for young children on this Superhero theme to improve their awareness of stammering and the problems that it can cause.

Melissa aged 7, the Superhero of the title, is having her first adventure and through a series of humourous encounters eventually finds a strategy that allows her to prevent one of her classmates from interrupting her when she stammers.

The accompanying colourful cartoons add to the enjoyment of the young reader, whilst the story is making a very serious point about stammering for further discussion in a classroom or at home.

I would recommend this book for an adult to read in about five minutes with any young children as an interesting story, and for solo reading by any young reader, whether they stammer or not.

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