Allan Tyrer leaving

| 17.08.2018

A farewell from Allan who is stepping down from his website job.

Allan with mountain behind, in Lake District.I’ll be leaving my job as BSA webmaster at the end of this month. I've been thinking of doing so for a while, particularly since a pension started recently. I’ve taken the BSA website through two complete redesigns plus numerous other developments over 18 and a half years (the first half of it as a volunteer). I feel it’s time to step aside and let someone else take up the mantle.

Norbert’s departure rather put leaving plans on hold whilst we got through the period of not having a Chief Executive. However I’m delighted we now have a new CEO in post, Jane Powell. She has very exciting ideas for the future of the association, and for taking public awareness of stammering to a new level.

I will miss the team of staff and volunteers at BSA. Also (at risk of sounding like one of those award speeches!), I’d like to thank the many people who have generously contributed their time and effort in writing articles for Speaking Out magazine (which I edited for some years), and more recently specifically for the website. It is contributions such as this which made the magazine and to a large extent now the website what it is.

I’m leaving the job but not leaving BSA. I’ll be at the national conference in Cardiff, which the organising committee (including my partner Christine) have been working their socks off to make happen – and thoroughly intend to stay involved with BSA in future, and continue to support it.