Belinda's Birthday in aid of BSA

| 30.05.2014

Belinda Jones Celebrated Middle Age in Style

Belinda Jones celebrated her start to middle age in June 2013 with a sing along party in aid of the BSA and another charity. The event raised £100 for the BSA!


She wrote about the day here:

"I wanted us to be able to sing in the garden. There was a small group of us from a local harmony choir called 'The Lemon Zingers' . We sang some Beatles, Lady Gaga, 'Keeping the Dream Alive' and  The Turtles: 'Happy Together'. The leader of the Choir Lemon Otter played the keyboard. The audience were my friends and I put out percussion instruments, tooty blowers and recorders so they could join in. The children enjoyed this.

Family Connections

I asked for donations instead of presents to my two favourite charities: Bipolar UK (I was diagnosed 10 years ago) and British Stammering Association. (My son Jake has had a stammer since he was 3, he is now 18.)

We then did a sing-a-long with everyone which included Beatles 'All you need is love' ABBA, Adele: To make you feel my Love, Bacarrach and David : 'Say a little prayer for you' and we finished with 'Hey Jude'. These songs were accompanied by Heidi Littler.

The great thing about doing music is that Jake doesn't stammer when he sings and he can also play along with his harmonicas. Jake is a great ambassador for people who stammer as he will play harmonica at our local for 'Open mic night' and many times he doesn't know the people or the tracks they are going to play.