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The Big Cake Bake & Christmas Card Sale

| 30.01.2010

Speech and language therapists baked for BSA!

Charmaine and Alison emailed staff in advance of a staff meeting in November:

BSA Cake Bake
Raising funds for BSA, at an East Lancashire PCT staff meeting.
The BIG Cake Bake

Calling all talented makers of cake!
The BSA needs our help
With the great success of raising funds for Red Nose Day we
thought we'd do it again!

We are looking for volunteers for both the production and
consumption of CAKE.

Can you help? Bring either a cake or your pennies to spend
and eat ..........

Full staff meeting
[date, venue, time]

Please can you let me know if you are making or eating on the day...
...or live a little and do both!

Christmas Cards

They also sold handmade Christmas cards to raise funds. The Christmas cards featured pictures drawn by children who stammer, and the adult group selected six of these. The children's ages range from 5 to 9.

A special thank you to Simon Hartley ( Ltd) who generously printed the cards and supplied the paper and packaging. Also to Staples (Burnley) who donated the envelopes.