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BSA member becomes continuity announcer

| 15.04.2014

Matthew Oghene at microphoneAs part of its 'Born Risky: Alternative Voices' season, Channel 4 recruited a number of people with communication difficulties to introduce some of its biggest shows. Organisers said, “We wanted to give them a platform and normalise the presence of disabled people on TV.” Matthew Oghene was chosen to represent people who stammer, and last December appeared in a primetime slot.

Matthew said, “The experience was amazing. They actually wanted to use my voice! I auditioned last September with a script they sent me to read on the day. Then I had to go for a screen test and was accepted. We spent three days learning how to write a script at the Channel 4 headquarters. On the day of filming I arrived very early to get settled in and have make-up put on. The whole experience really made me feel excited about sharing my voice. We don't often get to hear someone stammering on TV unapologetically.”

In the announcement (available to watch online at, Matthew says, “Hi, I’m Matthew and I have a stammer. Channel 4 have given the mic over to me to introduce the next show: Location, Location, Location. To say it once is hard enough, let alone three times!”

From Speaking Out Spring 2014, p.3