BSA's new Chief Executive

| 05.06.2018

The BSA has a new Chief Executive, Jane Powell.

Jane was previously Chief Executive of the charity CALM, which she founded in 2006 and ran until the start of 2017, making male suicide a recognised public health issue. She mobilised the support of Topman and Lynx behind the issue and landed the charity as a founding partner of the Royal Foundation's Heads Together campaign. Jane writes:

"I've been reading about how and when the BSA began, back in 1978, when Robin 'Sparrow' Harrison and Peggy Dalton collaborated together to set up the Association. In the first Speaking Out magazine, Robin wrote 'By the time I was twenty five I had come to accept that I would only use toothpaste that I could ask for, not those which made my teeth the whitest...  I decided to start a free Association where stammerers could practice all the ways of helping fluent speech, also where one could get advice with speech troubles.'

Jane Powell"It is an honour and a huge responsibility to be leading such an important organisation. I'm grateful to Norbert for all the fantastic work he's done leading the organisation over the last 25 years.

"The mission, over the next five years, is to create a robust organisation, capable of supporting and advocating on behalf of its members, to seek early and effective therapy for children and, ambitiously, to end the discrimination and prejudice facing those who stammer."