Celebrating Diversity at DHL

Steve Moses | 20.05.2015

On Thursday 23rd April, BSA/ESN member Steve Moses from DHL Supply Chain gave a presentation called “Let’s Talk About Stammering” at a DHL ‘Red Chair’ Networking Event.

The theme of the day was Celebrating Diversity and was attended by over 60 people from across the DHL Business. Steve gave an insight into his own experiences of living with a stammer with specific reference to the workplace and his career history.

He also talked about the positive support DHL had given him along with some general facts and popular misconceptions around stammering. Another key theme of the presentation was to generate some further support for the DHL Stammering Network, launched in 2014 following membership of the BSA’s Employers Stammering Network.

Joining Steve was Pamela Uddin. Pamela also has a stammer and took part in the most recent series of The Apprentice. She talked about turning her stammer from something relatively negative during her childhood into something a lot more positive in recent years. Her experiences of managing her dyslexia were very much aligned to those around stammering and she gave a really personal and inspirational talk that was very well received by the attendees.

All in all, a successful event and a great opportunity to raise the awareness of stammering further.