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Charity Bungee Jump

| 06.10.2002

The Long Drop

by Bob Adams

Date: Saturday 5th October 2002
Venue: Fairlop Waters, north east London
Mission: Two people, tied together, to hurl themselves from an 11 storey crane whilst attached to a piece of elastic!

Sounds pretty unbelievable doesn't it!? Well, that is exactly what myself and Simon Zipperlen did - successfully! I had been given the tandem bungee jump as a leaving present from my current job. It seemed the ideal way in which to raise awareness about stammering - and funds for our favourite charity It was also a way to push the boundaries of our personal fear limits.

My pre-jump training involved standing on the roof of a multi story car park and staring down at the ground.This caused a little concern to people who saw me - 'he may be a jumper'. When we were hauled skyward in the small swinging blue cage I realised the training had been a complete waste of time! As we were given last minute instructions, and the straps and harnesses were checked for the fifth and final time, let's just say that jumping from a cage that's suspended 11 stories above the ground is quite challenging! We realised that apart from the risk of injuring our backs, breaking an arm in the cord, detaching our retinas, hitting the ground, banging our heads and a myriad of other potential mishaps, we had to have complete faith and trust in the people organising the jump - as simple as that! But we jumped and bounced - as only stammerers can do - repeatedly! Would we do it again? - you bet!

A big thanks to all those who helped in whatever way

Bob Adams is chair of the Doncaster stammering self-help group, and can often be seen breathing fire (seriously, he does that!)